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Eco Chimney Sweep specializes in servicing and solving many problems related to chimneys and fireplaces. Our expert technicians can help you with anything regarding chimney sweep, chimney repair, chimney inspections, and fireplace replacement if you’re in the Seattle Metro area. If you currently need assistance with any of these services, you can count on our team to perform a masterful job while employing sound business practices using the latest techniques.

Chimney Sweep

It’s crucial to hire a company that performs chimney sweeps using the best safety standards. This process deals with dangerous creosote deposits and other contaminants that can pile up over time in your chimney. Undue accumulation of these byproducts can block the flow of the flue gases, which poses a significant fire and health risk for anybody residing in your home. Hiring us to sweep and clean your chimney prevents any accident from happening.

Chimney Repair

Like any other appliance, chimneys have a life cycle that you can either extend or reduce depending on how you maintain it. Occasionally, homeowners can identify that their chimney needs repairs, but sometimes it isn’t easy and requires professional help. Some of these signs can be smoke leaking into the room, finding it hard to start the fire, or water that got into the firebox due to a damaged chimney flashing. 

Chimney Inspection

An excellent modest investment that you can make for your chimney is an inspection. Paying for it can potentially impact your wellbeing significantly if the worker discovers a problem during the check. However, even when installing chimneys is currently a home improvement trend, inspecting them tends to slip off the homeowners’ minds. If you have a home with a chimney, scheduling a yearly inspection can prevent any severe problem from ever happening.

Fireplace Replacement

If you want to improve your home’s natural ambiance and give it a pleasing warmth, installing a fireplace is the thing to do. Whether you need a completely new installation or you want to replace your old one with a better wood or gas-efficient model, we can do it all. Setting up a fireplace with some professional workers’ help is a fast and easy way to improve your house’s appearance and market value.

About Us

Here at Eco Chimney Sweep, we provide our clients with the best possible chimney and fireplace services experience. The commitment we have to serve the people’s necessities has earned us a tremendous amount of loyal customers, and they always push us to become even better than before.

Our talented, experienced, and trusted chimney and fireplace specialists continually stay up to date with the latest techniques and technologies regarding chimney sweeping and maintenance. We do not cheap out when it comes to completing your requests the best way. Our team has every tool and professional equipment required in this line of work, letting them handle nearly any job. If you need a company whose polite and courteous workers get the job done quickly and efficiently, consider getting in touch with us. We can keep you entirely informed throughout the process because we strive to provide the best service we can to every customer.

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